Should You Have Your Air Ducts Sanitized? A Comprehensive Guide

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not recommend that air ducts be cleaned routinely, but only when necessary. However, the EPA recommends that if you have a furnace, stove, or fireplace that burns fuel, they be inspected for proper functioning and maintained before each heating season to protect them from carbon monoxide poisoning. At AmeriClean, our answer when asked if air ducts should be treated to prevent contamination is: No. Our air duct cleaning technicians use the source extraction cleaning method in all of our residential, commercial, and industrial air duct cleaning projects, so our cleaning not only removes dust and debris from inside the air ducts, but also removes contaminants that may be inside the ducts.

Regular cleaning of the air ducts is sufficient in most cases. You should disinfect air ducts only under special circumstances; see the potential problems listed below. Air duct disinfection includes the application of disinfectant or antimicrobial products to the surface of an air duct, usually during cleaning. The application of disinfectant agents eliminates harmful bacteria and microbes present in the ducts, preventing them from developing and spreading through the air. Most air duct disinfection services use a topical application, and a nebulizer or other professional tools are usually used to evenly cover the duct surface.

That said, there are a few things you should know to choose the best air duct treatments and services. Companies with experience and knowledge will understand the risks associated with certain air duct disinfectant products and will use natural and safe solutions. Air duct disinfection can be an essential part of the air duct cleaning process, especially in cases of mold growth or vermin infestation. Antimicrobial air duct disinfectant is the most commonly used disinfectant among air duct cleaning companies. Getting up-to-date information on the disinfectants your air duct cleaning company uses is the best way to familiarize yourself with the costs of disinfectants. Air duct disinfection should only be performed by trained professionals who have the correct disinfectant, equipment, and safety precautions.

Here's some useful information on the most common air duct disinfectant products and solutions. In cases of vermin infestation, air duct disinfectant can eliminate animal odor and territorial footprints more effectively than undisinfected air duct cleaning. If you are currently looking for an air duct cleaning professional for air duct disinfection, there are steps you can take to ensure that you hire a reliable and trustworthy company. In fact, the few independent investigations conducted on duct cleaning indicate that the process removes so much dust that it creates a bigger problem than it solves. Although it is logical to clean the ducts, after all, the dust is removed and the rest of the house is cleaned, the truth is that the dust that is deposited in the ventilation system usually stays where it is and is unlikely to reach the air unless it is altered.

They're also a more affordable option for air duct cleaners, which means that you, as a consumer, can get good quality disinfection at a more reasonable price. Environmental Protection Agency researchers measured dust levels and the efficiency of HVAC systems in test homes over a one-week period during the cooling season and found that duct cleaning did not significantly improve dust levels or system performance. If you want the air in your home to be free of bacteria and other elements that can affect air quality, it is very important that you pay special attention to the air ducts and the cleaning treatments you use. Many times, when looking for an air duct cleaning contractor, customers talk to companies that insist on disinfecting air ducts after cleaning them.

To sum up, regular cleaning of your home's air ducts should be sufficient in most cases. However, if you have mold growth or vermin infestation in your home's ventilation system, then it may be necessary to use an antimicrobial agent for proper disinfection. Make sure to hire a trained professional who has access to safe and natural solutions for this purpose.

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